Learn How to Successfully Bid a Bucket Truck

An oversize or overweight transport oftentimes requires bucket truck assistance to remove aerial and roadside obstacles that can become damaged — or can snag and damage the load itself.

Kenco’s How to Bid a Bucket Truck guide will navigate you through the information an expert fleet like ours needs to successful bid your project. This handy guide will help you if this is your first high load or hundredth! It details:

  1. Why the description of your oversize cargo is valuable in determining how many bucket trucks we’ll need to use.
  2. The importance of route knowledge, and how origin and destination can help us gauge your bucket truck needs.
  3. Why night moves pose different challenges and can impact cost.

This is just skimming the surface of what our How to Bid a Bucket Truck guide offers! Also included are pro tips and industry facts that can make or break your next oversize transport. Plus, we share contact information for our bidding expert should you ever need assistance with your bucket truck quote!

What are you waiting for?
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